Year-end Reflections at Eligible

Radhika Mohta
3 min readDec 28, 2020


For the first time in the last six months of our Eligible Zoom calls, we had a journalling session! Given how this year has been, it was important for us to come together to reflect, share and know that we are in it together.

We captured our learnings from this year and thought of all that’s possible because of it in the future. From minimalism to health and wellness to relationships, nothing was off limits for discussion. Someone mentioned how she managed to live out of a suitcase for months until all her stuff travelled in a truck from Mumbai to her hometown. She now feels everything in that suitcase is all that she really needs.

We talked about moments when we truly felt alive. From podcasting to mentoring the younger ones — to each their own! On what we are most proud of ourselves for becoming this year, we had this heartwarming response filled with resilience. Someone’s parents were Covid positive (and one is still taking oxygen as I write this), went through financial ups and downs this year yet bouncing back with all the energy because it can only go upwards from here!

Looking ahead to 2021, we discussed things we’d like to get really good at — I definitely want to get better at reading — both books and people! During a breakout room conversation with me, someone shared that they’d like to repair/ strengthen the relationship with their parents. The fact that they had not been home in a year now had led to a bit of tension in the air. Sometimes, I just want to send virtual hugs via my Panda because awareness is the first stage to taking actions. And I’m humbled that people would not only reflect but also share so openly within the community.

Closing with deadlines is important, more often than not. So when we discussed the single most important thing people would like to accomplish in the coming year, I asked them if they could do it in a month. It was amazing to see how willing and accepting people were in coming forward and saying they really could achieve or make progress with a sense of agency!

Reflecting on Relationship ‘Trends’ this year

  • I’ve had more people reaching out to me because they felt the need for companionship post lockdown. With flatmates gone home, remote work and no socialising, clubbed with all the time saved from commuting, the need to connect with other humans has never been this real.
  • Technology has come to rescue relationships this year. Texts and voice calls and video calls among the prospective couple along with Zoom calls for extended families has led to seamlessly approaching wedding dates and materialised into low-budget weddings during Covid. Money saved here has been successfully deployed as down payment for a nest together.
  • For those uncomfortable with video calls and waiting for in-person meetings to resume, this is a good time to work on yourself — your health, your career, your finances, your relationship with your loved ones. This isn’t waiting, it’s an opportunity to have your ME time. Let’s make peace with it.

As we wrap up this year, may you find your peace and become antifragile…

P.S. Thank you for participating in the Secret Santa Book Club! I’m truly grateful to all those who chose to be my Santa and added some thoughtful books to my reading list. I’ll remember you by the book you brought into my life :)

P.P.S. We are starting off with separate Master Class for Men and Women,1:1 video calls and other new initiatives at Eligible. Stay tuned and keep sending people for an introductory call with me here.

See you on the other side :)



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