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How It Started

What started as a 9 pm daily online get-together for friends during lockdown turned into a six-figure revenue-making stream this year. The ESFP in me, which is constantly evolving, by the way, wanted to bring people together while we were growing physically apart. From Antakshari to memory games, storytelling to a scavenger hunt — we tried it all. Like an Eklavya, I learned from the international hosts who were doing commendable work hosting engaging sessions in Creative Mornings and other communities.

As a relationship coach, I also started hosting weekly virtual events for a women’s-only international community. Women joined in from SF, NYC, LA, Chicago, and other cities to seek dating and relationship advice. Within a few weeks, I rolled it out as an offering — virtual employee engagement activities for companies. Since I wasn’t the only one working from home, missing out on conversations and serendipity that comes from a socially active life, I realized there would be others like me and I wanted to help. With my Zoom calls, I bring in an element of fun and play and surprise and break the monotony of everyday lives.

What It Is Now

A session is typically 50 minutes long. No additional preparation is needed from the HR/ Founder setting up the call. The ideal group size is 30 people on a call. The maximum number of people I’ve had on one call ran up to 220 folks. While the number is not an issue, the engagement is certainly higher in intimate groups. People know each other, they show up for each other knowing that it is a team event and engage in conversations beyond the prompts or the game format.

Flavour of formats

  • Scavenger Hunt: A game of show & tell where you barely have 30 seconds to bring a household item in front of the webcam and show us to earn points. Also includes breakout room activities for collaboration among people of different teams.

End of the day, everyone wants to be seen and heard. We are social beings and we want to belong. Therefore, no matter what the format is, the focus is on making everyone feel at home on that call. Welcoming new joinees, running a mood check, ensuring it is inclusive and allowing everyone to make memories and have them as a takeaway in the form of a video clip — all this is important to me as a host.

Enabling the HR with a creative, Zoom link, description for the calendar invite and feedback form, along with screenshots, video clips, capturing the sentiment from the call and relaying back — all of this ensures that everyone can sit back and relax while I do my work. Your ROI is being measured and your team will tell you what they want next. Win-win!

As for the pricing, it’s way less than what a team lunch/ beer party would cost your company. So the next time you’d like to have a team-building session, celebrate birthdays or just have an element of fun added to your Town Halls, reach out with a Direct Message on Twitter or LinkedIn and I’ll be happy to help.

P.S. Shout-outs from clients in a blog post and social media mentions here, here, here, here, and here.

A lot of you have reached out asking how to create a sense of belonging when the team is all remote and company is fast growing. Here are a few ways:

  1. Affirmation words: Does everyone know what’s the company’s vision statement? Can you say it out loud together every morning? I’ve witnessed this at Shop Kirana office and loved it. Beautiful way to reinforce what everyone is working towards and WHY.

Liked what you read? Refer me to your founder friends now :)

Here’s to bringing people together,

Radhika Mohta



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