Everything You Need To Know About Eligible — A Community of Independent Indian Singles

It’s the 10th week running of a support group that I run for Independent Singles who are 26 years and above and looking for a serious relationship/ long-term commitment. Come Sunday 4pm, I get on to a Zoom call to start admitting kind and curious, young and confident souls into a safe space where people get them. I also need to attend to some last-minute messages that show up mentioning why someone is unable to attend, how they are struggling with Internet bandwidth and would go audio-only, or why they should not be paired with a certain individual in a one on one in the breakout room since they are colleagues and it’d get awkward.

It started off as a women’s only circle for the first four sessions. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Mental makeup: Healing from the past relationships and gaining acceptance of who you are takes time. Getting into a zone where you are willing to put yourself out there, get to know people and eventually go exclusive with one is a journey. It’s only when you take ownership of your life that you are able to enjoy the process. We had drop offs since people realised they needed time to revisit their past and figure things out.

From the fifth week, I opened it up to Single men and made this a mixed group call. Here’s what I learned:

  1. You Are Not Alone: Looking for a life partner is a lonely process. For people who migrated from their homes aged 15 to an engineering college with barely any females to workplaces where dating was perhaps not acceptable to a heartbreak or two owing to long distance, inter-religion or inter-caste issues to healing from all that and rebuilding the capacity to trust someone again — it takes time and a whole lotta energy. Adulting is hard. As you grow, you may not be able to discuss these issues with your coworkers or your flatmates. Your family is trying to be supportive but they either think you are fussy or don’t understand what’s taking so long to get just one person in the whole wide world. Joining a support group where others are going through the same journey as yours makes you believe that you are not alone. The universe is not conspiring against you. Everybody is going through it and sharing these stories enables tribal knowledge. Together, we are powerful and better equipped with knowledge on platforms, behaviour, trends, what’s working and what’s not. Besides, everyone in the community is encouraged to play cupid after taking a double opt-in from both the sides. So if someone understands you enough to introduce you to their best friend or cousin, it’s a win-win situation.

Eligible sessions are better experienced than explained. It’s an hour of multiple segments to get to know people from the same gender, people from the opposite gender, change your view if need be, have conversations, share resources and become allies in the process. To get into this highly curated community, schedule an introductory call here: calendly.com/radhikamohta

We’ll hold the space for you.




❤️ Matchmaker & Relationship Coach at radhikamohta.com

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