Big city living and small-town vibes

The day it all started

It was a weekday morning in November 2020 when my partner’s batchmate showed up at our home and said he was house hunting in the neighbourhood. He was working independently back then. Remote work had started becoming the norm and he needed some human connection outside work. He liked our neighbourhood — the clean, wide roads, the greenery around, access to all the amenities and good vibes. He was also looking forward to moving closer to friends and zeroed in on us. For the next few days, I kept noticing all the To-Let boards placed in front of houses and kept sending him WhatsApp images. He landed a spacious, well-lit and well-ventilated 2BHK in a really cost-effective deal in a week’s time, close to a lead I had shared.

Starting Point: Accommodation Hunt

With the excess images from this accommodation hunt and the urge to be surrounded by entrepreneurial, creative, curious and kind souls, I tweeted my willingness to help folks who’d want to move to HSR. Maximising serendipity, long walks, good conversations — that sums up the intent. That tweet led to a WhatsApp group. When we touched 100 people, the group shut down and we moved to a Discord server and weekly newsletter.

So you know the WHY by now. For people like me who are away from their hometowns and still part of a transient, floating population, this community acts as a starting point to find a roof above your head, find your tribe based on interests, skills and experiences, and work on your dreams. Think of campus life as an adult. It’s a plug and play to have your social life even if you haven’t lived here forever. It’s a hack to build your support system in a 2km radius. It’s an attempt to combat loneliness, ensure better mental health, introduce diverse experiences, perspectives and people in life and enable you to have a life outside screens.

While instant gratification is the norm with 10-minute grocery deliveries, building relationships — platonic or romantic, takes time. Yes, the same ‘time’ that’s a limited currency. “If you’re spending time with something, you get to know it better, you’re more likely to become a steward of the place.” I read this in a Creative Mornings newsletter and it strikes a chord.

Having lived in HSR for nearly four years now, the urge to get people unstuck, redirect to the right resources, and get them out of their homes so that we may learn from each other, is real. Here’s a glimpse from building HSRisHome in the last year:

  1. Community members: People are typically in their 20s and 30s, living in a co-living space, hostel, company guest house, rented house or a rented apartment in a society. Professionally, we have VCs, founders, techies, designers, marketers — you name it in a startup setting and we’d have someone doing exactly that.

What’s our North Star?

How can we make you feel at home and how quickly can this be done? The metrics that matter the most here are repeat visits, time spent, referrals, hosts who emerge from the community.

If you are living or working in HSR Layout, Bengaluru, feel free to fill up this form and join us on Discord. In case you’d like to come and participate in the alcohol-free activities hosted in the neighbourhood, please fill up this form and you’ll hear from us.

HSR is home. You belong here.

Your Cheerleader,

Radhika Mohta



❤️ Matchmaker & Relationship Coach at

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